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We are a family-owned and operated business, focusing on vegetation management and non-electrical maintenance of renewable energy facilities on the East Coast. We have been in the business of providing tailored care to these facilities since 2010.

For over 10 years, Donahue & Sons has been involved in the design, build, commissioning, and maintenance of solar projects. We have a licensed Massachusetts construction supervisor and three Massachusetts hoisting engineers on staff. Pairing those folks with the understanding we have of Massachusetts and New England solar markets make Donahue & Sons the perfect partner for your non–electrical O&M needs.

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Donahue & Sons is a family owned and operated corporation bringing transparent, ethical, and sustainable solutions to our valued partners and clients with a passion for innovation and a goal to reduce the global carbon footprint.




Above all, for our employees and clients served. Through company involvement and a focus on safety and health.


Performance, prices, and service. We treat each task with care and detail.

One Team

Our employees support and passion for the company allows us to work towards a common goal as a team and family.


In continuous team efforts to create new offers, serve new markets, and customer needs. Assisting in the evolution and transformation of the solar market.


Integrity, responsibility, and discipline. We practice the exercise of good judgement in a professional manner.

Leadership By Example

We have created a team dynamic that ALL members of the company are supported and trained to ensure professional success for each individual.



To be the premier operation and maintenance provider of sustainable energy facilities through innovation, efficiencies, quality and meaningful interactions that enrich our employees and clients in their day-to-day lives.

Versatility Is Key

Donahue & Sons was first introduced to solar facilities in 2010. We quickly realized these facilities are not set it and forget it, like many people, at the time, thought. Today we offer an assortment of O&M functions to renewable energy facility owners and managers. Vegetation management, panel washing, and snow removal are just a few of the services Donahue & Sons has tailored to renewable energy facilities. D&S specializes in over 15 non-electrical maintenance opportunities to help service our clients and ensure modules are functioning at top performance levels.

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I highly recommend Donahue & Sons dumpster rental service. They were wonderful to work with, very professional, and the price was very reasonable. We will be getting another dumpster from them soon.

Elizabeth D

Donahue and Sons and their team have been mowing all of my sites for 4+ years. Best price and service. They are hands down the best solar mowing company out there.

Aaron R

Over the past six months I have had the pleasure of working with Tom and his team for countless projects. The professionalism and care from each individual is next level, where you truly feel open and honest conversations help build a quality partnership.

Tyler C

A great employer appreciates and respects it’s employees. Donahue & Sons is one of those employers.

Community Member

Couldn’t ask for a better company for solar maintenance and up-keep.

Matthew B

Donahue & Sons is a pleasure to work with. They handle our multi site portfolio with expertise. Their staff is amazing! They go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers.

Dayna S