Vegetation Management

Is Our Specialty

From early April to the first snowfall at the end of the season, Donahue & Sons service over 1 GW of solar sites per season. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of sites maintained, our employees are trained and aware of the different complications that affect sites annually. Our crews are taught the value of quality and effort that is put into each site, and this is what sets D&S apart. Although just one of the many services we offer, vegetation management is the most crucial aspect required to ensure a productive site. Overgrown weeds, debris, and shrubs can cause electrical damage and production loss if not maintained properly. With all the different variations at sites, from cable trays, combiner boxes, slopes, inverters, and different types of array racking, we focus on quality, safety, and efficiency.

An Example of Excellence

Donahue & Sons was called in after an asset manager had questions about the workmanship the prior solar field mowing crew had performed. After a quick assessment, it was easy to see that vegetation was left behind around the cable trays, which could have been a huge hazard. Hiring the right people who are specialized and trained to work around solar arrays, and who understand the purpose of the work performed is critical to properly execute vegetation management.
Vegetation Management 1After01
Vegetation Management 2Uxbridge-MA after
Vegetation Management 3Uxbridge-MA-2 after
Vegetation Management 4Burriville RI, after photo
Vegetation Management 5Lancaster, MA after
Vegetation Management 6Newburg, PA after 1
Vegetation Management 7Newburg, PA after 2
Vegetation Management 8Newburg, PA after 3
Vegetation Management 9Providence RI, after