Dirty Panels?

We Can Help!

Donahue & Sons provides panel washing services to rooftop and ground-mount solar arrays. It is extremely common for solar arrays near the coast, and around industrial sites, to deal with environmental soiling issues throughout the year. Dirty modules can decrease revenue by up to 10%, annually. Donahue & Sons specializes in panel washing, returning your module’s energy output back to 100% in just a few hours!

Throughout our 10+ years of experience, we have been to many sites that have arrays which have never been cleaned. Imagine for a minute the increased potential revenue these sites could have achieved with an annual cleaning. As dust and debris continue to build over time, you can expect a gradual decrease in the amount of energy your solar panels are producing. The photos below show the difference professional panel washing can make. But it’s more than just dirt spots here and there. Check out the video to the left of a site in Massachusetts that D&S serviced last winter, the dirt from these panels simply rolls off with one rotation of our Sunbrush. Although solar arrays are easily maintained, it is recommended that panels are professionally washed yearly to show promising results as the long summer days offer more sunlight to your ground mount and rooftop modules. Don’t allow another year of lost revenue to affect your production goals. A consult call to Donahue & Sons can resolve these issues. A properly executed panel washing plan offers rapid returns and we are here to help!