How is D&S different from a normal landscaping company?
Donahue & Sons specializes in a variety of vegetation management opportunities, specifically targeted to solar and renewable energy sites. Our mowers are equipped to easily maneuver on slopes reaching up to 50-degree angles, and our employees are trained to care for each site with precision and detail-oriented execution. D&S does not cut corners. From fence lines to steep slopes, we mow what others can’t. Care, quality, and efficiency is what Donahue & Sons specializes in. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the many services we offer.
How does regular maintenance affect ROI?
Solar Farms are strong investments, and are the right steps to take in order to reduce our carbon footprint. However, consistent maintenance to sites is necessary in order to maintain a strong return of investment (ROI). There are a variety of reasons you could be losing revenue each year due to natural causes; overgrown vegetation, covered panels from snow and dirt, to fallen trees on modules all stop panels from absorbing energy. Donahue & Sons takes care of it all. A consultation with our team after a wind or snow storm can save you thousands annually with any of our services. Weather is not reliable, so rely on Donahue & Sons to take care of the planning for you.
How is pricing determined?
Not only do solar farms vary in size and acreage, they can be vastly different beyond that. D&S tailors pricing to a customer’s specific needs. There are many aspects that can go into pricing out a site, such as cuts per year, type of terrain being maintained, the total acreage of a site, racking types used to support the panels, and other environmental and site factors. D&S will assess a site, and we do our best to provide a price and plan that meets what a client is seeking for their particular asset.
What electrical hazards exist if vegetation isn’t managed?
If vegetation at an asset is neglected, the repercussions can be costly. The main hazard D&S sees most often is vegetation taking over electrical boxes and wires, which may lead to electrical interruptions, or worse case scenarios potentially cause a fire. By remaining proactive to routine maintenance treatments, D&S will mitigate the growth within a single site visit, ensuring the asset is safe from hazardous risks.
How often does D&S recommend routine maintenance to solar sites?
D&S specializes in providing a vegetation management plan; included in that plan is site-specific details that support the frequency of visit recommendations. Every site in the Northeast should have vegetation management that includes a minimum of twice visits per growing season. One visit in the Spring/Summer and one visit in the Late Summer/Fall is a good starting point, however, site conditions and historical growth patterns ultimately dictate if more visits are needed per growth season. Depending on the site, some sites may need to be cut up to eight times per season to mitigate tall grass growth and electrical hazards.