Don’t Let Snow Ruin Your R.O.I.

Snow Removal From Solar Arrays

Donahue & Sons is committed to year-round solar maintenance, including the winter months. Our company offers commercial plowing, sidewalk maintenance, and snow removal from solar arrays. The weather can be unpredictable, especially in New England, and it’s imperative to have a strategy to manage the unexpected. Don’t let the snow stop your solar farms from producing at maximum capacity this season when Donahue & Sons is just one call away!

Solar arrays are fantastic energy producers, however, it is no secret that solar panels cannot produce energy while covered under snow. The first 1.25 days after a snowstorm are crucial to gaining back lost revenue. During these days the panels are completely blanketed by the snow and cannot absorb any further energy, affecting the ROI of your assets. Extreme cold and icy conditions can be a recipe for disaster for one person to take on alone while trying to remove snow from roof or ground mount solar panels. Our employees are trained and pay special attention to each individual panel, ensuring your sites are being maintained with quality and care. We follow all safety protocols to keep our team and your equipment safe. Interested in learning more? Check out our blog to learn how snow removal can save you thousands each year, or Contact us for your free consultation!