Another year, another snow season with Donahue & Sons!

As Renewable Energy continues to rapidly expand across the country, and more specifically to
the East Coast, we are reminded that although the weather may change, solar assets are still
expected to continue producing throughout the snow season, regardless of the conditions. The
fluffy white stuff may be nice to look at, but it can be a nightmare for production and production
mandates, which is why ensuring that your team has a proper maintenance plan for the next few
months is imperative to your asset(s), or even mandatory depending on the asset(s) goals!

Like any other industry, with growth comes new rules and regulations to follow. Throughout the
past few months, the Donahue & Sons team has been receiving reports from our clients that
towns and cities are now mandating facilities be accessible year round, regardless of the
circumstance, in order for technicians and additional field crews to arrive on site with ease if
deemed necessary, or if an emergency arises. Within 24 hours after a snow storm, Donahue &
Sons snow and ice equipment are dispatched and travel throughout the New England region,
keeping asset access roads clear and sites accessible.

Snow is unpredictable and sporadic, which is why we do the work for you!

So what does this look like . . .

– Asset managers interested in learning more about snow removal services should contact Once received our team will then reach back out within 72
hours to schedule a meeting, send over a quote, or answer any questions you may

– The D&S team forms a maintenance plan individualized to your asset(s) specific needs.

– Once contracts, quotes, and other documentation has been signed and sealed…we prepare resources, equipment, and tactics.

– D&S teams are dispatched within 24 hours after each storm across New England to clear these facilities.

– Step 4 repeats all season long.

During this time, our clients have full access to our management team for any questions,
changes, or updates that may occur throughout the Winter months. Scheduling and monitoring
is managed by our team!

We are excited for the upcoming snow season, and we are looking forward to having a
conversation with your team soon. If you are interested in learning more about our snow plowing

services, please give us a call at (508) 380-2082 to learn more, or email us at

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