Why Panel Washing Pays Dividends! 1Did you know more than half of all commercial solar arrays on the east coast have never been professionally cleaned? Our team travels state to state year-round to service hundreds of sites. Even through snow, rain, or shine dirt, debris, and grime stick to solar modules, blocking sunlight from entering solar cells and ultimately slowing down the rate of production to these sites. Donahue & Sons has been a reliable and knowledgeable leader in solar maintenance for the past 10 years, and from past experiences servicing these sites, it is recommended for modules to be professionally washed annually to maintain the desired ROI.

Panel washing pays dividends and here’s how. Throughout the year debris, dirt, animal droppings, and grime cover panels, which can cause a loss in productivity and revenue. An average of 10% in the New England region can be lost annually for unmaintained modules and on the west coast, this number can jump to 20% or more. The Donahue & Sons team uses innovative technology to provide our customers the best results in a minimal amount of time. Our goal at Donahue & Sons is to increase your returns and allow for maximum results from your solar arrays. Contact us today at info@donahuesons.com for more information!


What Our Services Entail:Why Panel Washing Pays Dividends! 2

  • A professional solar panel cleaning
  • Check of solar panels for signs of damage
  • Inspection of glass integrity

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