About Us

Beginning in 2010, Donahue & Sons was established in the small town of Barre, Massachusetts, with a goal to assist the growing community of renewable energy facilities and decrease the usage of fossil fuels nationally. D&S began with the focus of vegetation management and the non-electrical maintenance of these facilities with just three employees, and two solar farms. Since then, D&S has grown as an employer to over 20 individuals, currently assisting with maintenance of over 1% of all solar in the U.S, equivalent to over 1 GW, annually. Owners Tom, Sheri, and their two children Travis and Allisha, dedicate each day to the expansion of solar power, creating a more sustainable environment, and a positive learning community for their employees and clients. Involved with the design, build, commissioning and maintenance of solar projects, D&S has a licensed construction supervisor and three hoisting engineers on staff.

Donahue & Sons has a focus on leadership development, innovation, and efficiency. Like a well oiled machine, the team works as one to get the job done in a safe, productive, and detail-oriented manner. Each month research is conducted globally to bring new products from outside of the U.S to service clients with the newest equipment. D&S leaves no corner left uncut (quite literally).

Why Vegetation Management?

Stakeholders can understand that once a solar site has been designed and built, these facilities are not “set it and forget it”. From commercial landscaping to inverter repairs, the operations and maintenance are key to the success of producing maximum efficiency on solar farms. Overgrown weeds and debris can create electrical hazards, fence line damage, and shading reducing the overall production rates of the modules. Along with vegetation maintenance, the organization offers 14 non-electrical services to prioritize the upkeep of these sites. (All services can be found at http://www.donahuesons.com/)

What Sets Us Apart

Donahue & Sons was called in after an asset manager had questions about the workmanship a prior solar field mowing crew had performed. After a quick assessment, it was easy to see a large amount of vegetation was left behind and around the cable trays. Hiring the right people who are specialized and trained to work around solar arrays, and who understand the purpose of the work performed is critical to properly execute efficient modules.

A Message from the Owners

“The purpose of a great company is having exceptional employees along with satisfied loyal clients! Donahue & Sons was built on a strong basis of care for the renewable energy industry, and a goal to showcase that hard work and quality truly does matter.”

– Tom & Sheri Donahue

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